The Power of "River of Tears"

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◆River of Tears Personality of “river of tears”


The “River Of Tears“ is extremely perceptive, proud and dignified.

She is honest, wise and just with skills of sharp observation and the ability to get to the heart of a matter.

Her astute insights arise from a combination of deep emotional awareness and a direct, sharp intellect.

“The River Of Tears“ is characterized by openness, receptiveness and a crystal clear understanding.

Her accurate observations allow her to see the truth or justice behind any given situation or issue.

This makes her honest and truthful by nature. Her combination of thoughts and feelings can be directed by watery intuition as well as by direct action and emotional reasoning.


These skills make her the perfect therapist teacher adviser or psychologist, as her emotional communication is direct, positive and empathetic.

She is painfully honest, and can be relied upon to tell things as they really are.


She is self- determined, instinctively perceptive and can read people's thoughts and motives, especially in the realm of emotions.


She makes a good an mediator or interpreter, and is extremely resourceful.


She cuts through the fog of negative emotions and sees the motives or agendas of an issue, and then weighs up a situation quickly, using her penetrating insight to recognize the truths at the center of things.


This “River Of Tears“ is an expert at reading subtle signs, such as voice tones and body language. She sees hidden desires or feelings.

She can diffuse conflicting difficulties in situation.

The “River Of Tears“ may appear at first to be cold and calculating, but deeper insight reveals her to be determined, straightforward and dignified.


She faces the truth and tells it like it is with honesty, clarity and understanding, however unpleasant that may be. She represents the light that uncovers hidden things, and makes it possible for us to realize that our fears are only shadows.


She brings negative emotions out into the light, revealing their seemingly security as lies and exposing them as habitual defense mechanisms


The deadly edge of her blade cuts the bonds to bad feelings by facing our fears and liberating us from our phantoms, allowing our true personality to shine forth.


These shadows are merely our own fears that stop us from realizing our desires and wishes.

Often we hide behind masks because of insecurity.


Through the use of honesty, discretion and reason, the “river of tears“ separates the higher aptitudes of the intellect from the influences of our lower nature, thereby freeing the heart and mind.


The “river of tears“ is alert, discreet, ambitious and successful. She cannot easily be deceived, especially in the realm of emotions.


She asks us to question if we are being honest, or whether someone is deceiving us.We may be urged to get to heart of the matter, or find a position where thinking and feeling no longer conflict.

She can also foretell an awakening to self knowledge, or the unveiling of a secret

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