The Power of "Dazzling Blood"

Posted by Suh Cheiyoung on

◆Personality of “Dazzling blood”


She gives herself up completely to the instinctive inspirations that begin to seep into your deepest being.

She is characterized by her ecstatic anticipation and self-evident splendor. Her nature is one of richness, passion and sexual charisma. She displays an emotional extroversion and a magnetic eroticism that makes her bewitching.

Her inner emotions are all consuming, bountiful, and fathomless expressed wholeheartedly.

Her sexual charm mesmerises and enchants, while she remains oblivious to those who are enraptured by her.

Her personality is displayed by her independence, high energy and light hearted abandon, often resulting in daring or risky behavior.

On an personal level, she can signify the release from long held fears or doubts, and a renewed feeling of joy, wonder and new possibilities. Spiritually, she symbolizes the dynamic, creative will and manifested in our earthly sphere, materializing in our everyday life experiences and our self-realization.


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