The Power of "Sweet Sweat"

Posted by Suh Cheiyoung on

◆Personality of “Sweet Sweat”


The Sweet Sweat reminds us that the primal forces of creativity are ours if we claim our power and act with insight and deliberation.

Sweet Sweat is a sign to act with strength and brilliance, committed to getting what we desire.


By immersing ourselves in The Sweet Sweat's powers we become a lighting gem, attracting what we desire to turn ourselves in and shaping the world around us.


we are the center in our own reality. We must therefore be bold and reach out for what we desire, with absolute belief in our own creative power.


The Sweet Sweat harnesses spiritual energy, which radiates from and around her.


The Sweet Sweat teaches us that we now have absolute power to change things to towards our own will it may be a new venture or a desire that we want fulfilled


We must intensify our positive thoughts and expand our belief that anything we desire is possible using dedication, creative ingenuity and intense ambition to make what is possible into a reality.

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