White Tails Family

White Tails Family

♤Creative Director Cheiyoung Suh(Bokyum suh)

2015 INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT Finalist (Bokyum Suh)

Jewelry designer/fine artist/illustrator/model 

I want to design a Jewelry for those who are honest with their desires and make every effort and achieve toward the life which they want.

Your positive beliefs change your life and make new changes in the world.

I want to be a Jewelry designer who designs lifestyle so that everyone can live their life most.


♤ Artisan

Willa Shin

He's been working since 1986.

He is well-known in Jonglo as people say that there are few skills in this industry he can't do.

In particular, he is famous for his delicate technology and neat finishes.

He had been responsible for many businesses and has been working with white tails since the winter of 2016.

He is warmhearted and witty.

Despite the fact that most of my designs are difficult to produce, he is the biggest treasure of white tails family who always does technical research, suggests improvements, and always does his best without any complaints.

He is also like a father.

He is a person who has good interpersonal relationships and always makes people who work with him work in a fun and bright atmosphere.

♤Our parter(Gemstone Supplier)

Jungbo bosuk president

This person has a great skill in jewelry and diamond cutting.

As a golf mate of the above-mentioned metal craftsman, willa, unlike the impression that he is cold and cool with his urban appearance, he is very kind and hearty and does his best, rearches for any difficult cutting of a stone.

He is always prompt and accurate in every request.

He's a really great person with great skill in cutting stones.


T-gem Han Seongjin

 Unlike his warm, fatherly looks, this person is stylishly dressed and is very detailed in his gemstone work.

He always does his best in the selection of the stone and works on the basis of work.

He gives a lot of advice when our company has a technical problem based on a wealth of knowledge about gemstone types and gemstones, and the vast amount of experience gained by studying and being supplied gemstones while traveling around the world

And he tries his best to solve the problem, even if it takes a long time.

He has a strong sense of responsibility for his work, and he finishes the work that he is asked for even with his own loss.



Tail fortune teller


This is a person who gives a lot of advice on making "White Tails" Jewelry

based on a wealth of knowledge about the Fortune(Saju) with the oriental history and philosophy

He always stresses to his clients, "Fill your desire, catch your luck."

He always does not forget his detailed advice and consideration so that people who buy the product of white tails can catch good fortune.