River Of Tears Necklace

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◆It is made in 14k gold only and is made of Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz.


◆Items take 4-6 weeks to craft.

◆Please choose the length of the necklace, Size.

◆If you want another size, please write down the length of the necklace on the blank where you write down the Jewelry name on the page you are putting in and ordering the product.

◆This product is a limited edition of 30, and the same design will never be sold again.

◆Delivery cost is included


You're really hesitant, aren't you?

You may have problems like those of 'it's really expensive and what if the stones aren't real?'

-When an order comes to us, we will contact each of you, discuss the color of the stone first, and attach the guarantee of the gemstone to you after we receive it from reliable "Hanmi Gemological Institute, Laboratory".

You're worried like 'what if you ordered one and you're not satisfied?', aren't you?

-To prevent that from happening, from choosing the color of the gemstone, we make the custom design thoroughly.

-As the same red color is in many colors, we always make the most of your needs, from stone selection to chain length. If you don't like the length of the chain you received, we'll pay for the return from FedEx air express at any time and change the length of the chain.

To be honest, it is expensive, but!

We don't think that the opportunity to determine and advance belief in your life is any less valuable.

We have no doubt that you will create much greater value in the future than the value of this collection. Our collection of blood, sweat, tears will be a new start in your life.

"River Of Tears" to realize your potential for you with extraordinary goals.

It symbolizes sacred tears of energy that purifies our inner self transparently.

The “River Of Tears“ is extremely perceptive, proud and dignified.

We will be the White Tails that you can always trust.



All shipments will proceed safely by FedEx air express (door to door) as soon as the purchase is completed. We contact you immediately upon the end of production and send via FedEx air express.



All jewelry is made to order.

All jewelry cannot be returned or refunded so please make a careful purchase


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