Sweet Sweat Earring

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◆14k yellow gold.


◆Items take 4-6 weeks to craft.

◆It made of Citrin and Spessartite

◆All products include a gem certificate with a special chip attached.

◆This product is a limited edition of 20, and the same design will never be sold again.

◆Do not worry about A/S, if the earring is bent or shape is changed, please contact us. We will contact you and take immediate action.

◆Delivery cost is included

Citrin can be easily broken by impact, so be careful to wear and store it.


You're really hesitant, aren't you?

You may have problems like those of 'it's really expensive and what if the stones aren't real?'

-When an order comes to us, we will contact each of you, discuss the color of the stone first, and attach the guarantee of the gemstone to you after we receive it from reliable "Hanmi Gemological Institute, Laboratory".


You're worried like 'what if you ordered one and you're not satisfied?', aren't you?

-To prevent that from happening, from choosing the color of the gemstone, we make the custom design thoroughly.


As the same red color is in many colors, we always make the most of your needs, from stone selection to chain length. If you don't like the length of the chain you received, we'll pay for the return from FedEx air express at any time and change the length of the chain.

We will be the White Tails that you can always trust 



When we wear The Sweet Sweet,

We can be assured that our desires and our will has ignited and is expanding into realization.

Citrin raises confidence and vitality to bring the fortunes of wealth, prosperity, and money.





All shipments will proceed safely by FedEx air express (door to door) as soon as the purchase is completed. We contact you immediately upon the end of production and send via FedEx air express.




All jewelry is made to order.

All jewelry cannot be returned or refunded so please make a careful purchase


◆Need help?


We're here for you! Contact us to inquire about a product, speak to a personal shopper or ask any questions you may have.


◆General Inquiries


+82 10 7631 1994















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